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Saturday, August 21, 2004 

How Indian am I?

I was reading the Sunday Times Of India ePaper of August 22, 2004 and came across this on page 14 "Open Space"...
India Shining?
Iread Shobhaa De’s column with great interest (‘Just do it, for India’, Politically Incorrect). I found a question she had asked at the end of her column very pertinent: “What am I doing for the country?’’ I am sure this question pops up, from time to time, in most of our minds, but we brush it aside like a painful memory.
It’s time we stopped asking for more rights and started thinking about our duty towards the nation.
What was most refreshing about Ms De’s article was the fact that for once, she was not bashing up the government or the powers-that-be. She is always critical of the government, its policies, politicians or anything that has political ramifications. Even if the government does some good, she has a way of twisting it to reflect some vested interest. Hence, this week, it was a relief to read patriotic and introspective words in her column. Thank you, Ms De.
—Udai Karan, via e-mail
and this made me think...what have I done for India? I always keep bashing the government, the system, sometimes the people. I always think of myself of more patriotic than an average indian! Is just caring for India patriotic enough? Is putting up an indian flag in my dorm room enough? (it may seem it is something not a lot of people do and since putting up a flag to display your patriotism is patriotic, lets not get lost...am i patriotic enough is the question?) Or is sitting down with friends while hanging and every discussion ends up in India patriotic enough? Or is putting up a happy independence day wallpaper with Indian flag from Pravsworld.com enough? I dont know. But these are the things I do or what happen to me! I wonder what I do for my country? Some day maybe I should sit down and contemplate on this issue.

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