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Thursday, November 17, 2005 

With great busy-ness comes great drudgery

After joining graduate school, life has gotten much busier. At any given time, I seem to have work in at least four to five different areas/classes (he he surprise!). With almost all my time going towards work, I would have thought that the time I spend on other things would be fun. it would give me a chance to unwind, relax and just take a break, u know? However, simple things like checking my non-work related email address that I used to enjoy earlier have now become a drudge.

For instance, I use a yahoo.com email account to get emails from friends, other e-newsletters from sites like Forbes.com, Wall Street Journal etc on topics that interest me (like technology, business etc). But these days, I am increasingly finding that I keep putting off checking my yahoo mail for two or three days in a row. And when I finally log onto it, its almost shocking to see I have 80-something non-spam emails that I care about and I have to at least do something about (either delete them without reading, or sort them in folders for later reading and some that need my attention right away).

This and other daily-life tasks have become a drudgery now and I unknowingly get very annoyed at the end of the process. I tend to then wish I didnt have to deal with this at all; although the very same emails I used to yearn to read about two months ago - I love to analyze business stories and catch up with the business and technology worlds, think about new technologies, even go indepth some times.

I am not sure why I feel that way I do. Have I just become inundated with work? Or is it something normal that everyone goes through? I dont know. In fact, a few days ago I had to renew my auto insurance and my current provider (from Ohio) doesnt provide insurance in Utah and so, much to my chagrin, I had to go and find a new provider. I knew I had to do this, and I just kept putting it off for many days until I really had to buy it because I just hate the process of auto insurance shopping (well who doesnt? But I didnt use to mind it as much earlier). So a few days back I put my mind to it and sat down looking at websites and getting online quotes as well as calling a few local agents. It took away almost an entire evening and then later I couldnt do any work at night either because the whole process was so tiring mentally. It was not tiring because it was a lot of thinking... it was the simple drudgery of repeating my information on multiple websites or on the phone with insurance agents that numbed me!

So all I ask from anybody, this world, whoever is just one thing - What would it take for a person to live a simple life? A life without having to deal with mundane tasks like shopping for car insurance, going grocery shopping, paying bills? (becoming a monk and going to Himalayas forever, although as much as I would like it, is not an answer I am ready to accept currently).

The same activities that you find mundane now (for example grocery shopping) transform themselves into a great expedition when you have time and mental space on your hands.
Question is how do you make an expedition out of everything? How do you create that frame of mind when you are bogged down with other more important activities?

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