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Monday, November 21, 2005 

Ha Noi, the city I miss so much!

I was reading Our Man in Hanoi's blog which I used to read regularly before I went to Viet Nam in March. These days I dont read it as often as I should, but when I read it today, something he had written struck a chord with me. I feel exactly the same way towards Ha Noi and I couldn't have said it better:

" I don't love Hanoi, I'm IN love with Hanoi.

Really. That is what it feels like. Like I'm a 16 year old who asked a girl to the school disco and she said yes. And I'm skipping home punching the air and kicking up autumn leaves.

It feels like a drug. A drug that hits me occasionaly. One of pure euphoria. And I'm coming up on some strong narcotic and my toe is started to tap and I'm breaking out into an involuntary grin."

Below are some of the pictures from when we had been there, taken by Melanie Hill.

Ha Noi from the head quarters of Tien Phong newspaper

Rice farmers in lush green farms, calm in Ha Noi

Army of two-wheelers ready to pounce, chaos in Ha Noi (gosh I miss the close encounters while driving through roads packed with chaotic activity)

wow..someone has been busy bloggin..as for that comment, guess people can indulge in their own little fantasies..:)

Hey there...i am so touched that you care so much for my hometown. I find that people growing up in Hanoi tend to be obssessed about it. Like Thao, Brave and I. But apparently you are charmed too, aren't you.

Yeah, Hanoi really touched me. Its a place that has emotion, a lot of culture and friendly people. Who wouldnt love such a place? No wonder OMIH feels at home in Ha Noi although hes from England and wants to stay there after his job with Koto is over next year. I think I would want to too if I were in his place.

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