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Wednesday, January 18, 2006 

Lakota Wisdom

I was going through my old files and binders and I came across the one I had used for my spring break trip to the Lakota Nation a few years ago. I was pleasantly surprised to see that in the back cover insert, there was still a page that I had read a few years ago, that held the four virtues of the Lakota people, sacredly imbibed into their Medicine Wheel.

Within the medicine wheel, the sacred hoop of the Lakota people, are four virtues:

Bravery: doing the difficult things instead of running away.

Wisdom: the idea that learning is a lifelong process

Perseverence: the fortitude to keep trying

Generosity: sharing of oneself with empathy and compassion

I do believe that these four virtues are not only necessary but also sufficient for one to live a happy and fulfilling life. All we need is faith in ourselves and in Lakota wisdom.

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Hi team mate, good old Lakota days..and of course who can forget the lengthy van drive. I remembered that when we talked about making medicine bag for each other, the first thing came to my mind was tylenol. How stupid and oblivious:) What was referred to was medicine of life. Kumar, I hope you get all the four ingredients ready to brave in this world. Be brave, be persevere, be wise, and don't forget to have a big heart.

Mitakuye oyasin

Hi Thanh, yeah the lengthy drive! It was so much fun! haha funny about the tylenol. Yeah, the medicine bag is really more symbolic than actual medicine bag, though I think in the past, when the people were on a hunting trip or a vision quest or something, where they were away from the rest of the community, they would carry tobacco (for proper rites for dead animals, birds etc) and other medicines should they get injured. I believe they probably used it actually.

Thanks for the wishes! Yeah, theres a lot one can learn from Native American spirituality and way of life. Hey, can you believe, there is actually a spring break trip here at Univ of Utah too - the students go and stay with and work with the Navaho people for a week during Spring break. Pretty cool, aint it?

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