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Thursday, December 15, 2005 

The end of my first semester

I finished my last exam today at 3:30 pm. I chilled mostly all evening after that by going to the funky Salt Lake City Library and browsing books for a few hours. I found a very cool book on Jainism (my religion) which I have checked out. Hopefully I will dig deeper into it and learn more about it.

Then, I came back, watched TV for four (I cant believe it, four hours!!!!) hours (of very funny comedy) including Friends, Everybody Loves Ray, Sex & The City and Yes Dear. Then I had food at midnight. I cooked my favorite Chinese style Tofu Brocolli Stir Fry and had it with rice! Then I partly watched Kate & Leopold until I got bored of it. I find the pace of the movie too slow. And its too cheesy!

Then I decided to get down to work that I had planned to do once my exams were over. For one thing, I wanted to empty out my office. I did that at 3 am. The housekeeping and cleaning staff in MEB must think I work really hard since I am always there late at night when they are working there. Usually I am working. Today I wasn't. It was sort of different. Felt very awkward being in MEB late at night without having some study work on my head.

I wanted to empty my office because I wont be a TA anymore sinceI have been offered research assistantship for next semester with Dr. Regehr. So most likely I will have to move next semester and have to work in a lab (instead of my own office). Hence, I wanted to leave the office clean for who ever is assigned to it next. This is what it looks like now. Compare it to what it looked like during the semester when I had all my stuff there to make it cozy (since I probably spent more hours here than anywhere else).

My empty office Posted by Picasa

After that, I came back home and started watching the movie Closer for the second time. It had already begun playing; I started watching it somewhere in the middle - where it really matters anyways. I had last watched it with Sneha (the Shendiputra) over last summer at OWU. I must admit, what I thought of this movie differs drastically both times. More details about that are better left to some other post, though.

Just talked to my cousin from Buffalo. She just woke up (its 6:30 am there) and still needs to finish some more study for her networking final. Earlier this evening, after I got back from the library, I tried to save her some time from reading the textbook by teaching her certain concepts on the phone with both of us having our textbooks open in front of us and on the same page (since both our classes used the same text and I had studied it recently for my networking exam on Tuesday). It felt good. A new approach in distance learning I must say. :) Sort of like when two people watch the same television show and are on the phone at the same time too! Been there, done that too! Anyways, wish you luck for the exam, Mallika. Start studying sleepyhead. Im going to bed soon.

Tomorrow I need to take care of mundane tasks that I have been putting off for quite a long time, like return some stuff I had bought, go to student health and prove to them I have been sufficiently immunized and all! Argh! Why is the list of such mundane tasks always longer than cool stuff (like doing research! or skiing! or reading!) I will never figure it out. Maybe it just seems longer because these things I keep putting off and over a period of time the list builds up. Ah well! Thats how such things are to be treated anyways. Life is too short to pay much attention to such stuff, right?

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