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Friday, August 11, 2006 

This friday routine I got...

This summer I'm living in Seattle. And on fridays, I can take off of work early - its called the Weekend jumpstart, where you can go home at 3:00 and enjoy the beautiful long day, do what you want to. Mostly every friday I get home earlier than my cousin, who is also here in Seattle and gets home by 6. I go for a swim, go jog a little bit, and go to the library between that time and 6:00. Its a nice little routine I have established by now.

I get home by 3:30 from work and quickly go to swim in the pool. Usually there is no one there and I like it that way. It gets crowded by 5:00. Then I go for a quick jog and then off to the library to return last week's books and get new ones. Usually I get two or three books about each topic that I have been thinking deeply recently about, and want to get deeper into over the weekend and the coming week. I also get one or two books for pleasure reading when I am done reading the current book. I dont read very much for pleasure - just an hour or so, every other day or so before I go to bed. So it takes me three to four weeks to finish each book. I just finished Iacocca and it was time to get a new one. This time, I got The Namesake.

Today, when I started for work, I expected to stay there until 5, because we had a hard deadline today and we didnt know how long it would take to finish it. Luckily things were better than expected when we reconciled the different spreadsheets tracking our progress used by the different teams and we met the deadline by 1:00 pm and actually got out by 2:30. It was nice. Beautiful day too. Swim was fun, like always. I didnt jog today even though I went prepared to because my legs still ached from the long 2 hour walk I took to Cucina Cucina - waterfront area last evening. Then I went to the library and just got back right now. I got a few DVDs and a few books for the next week.

I'm watching: Grapes of Wrath, Dopamine, Wicker Park.
I'm reading: The Namesake, by Jhumpa Lahiri.
I'm researching: Investing in mutual funds, investing in real estate and career stuff.

No, I'm not rich enough (yet! :)) to invest in real estate. But I have been thinking a lot about things - especially after discussions with coworkers who recently bought a house or a condo, some who want to buy soon and I want to find answers to the questions I have in my head about how things work. So, I now look forward to going out during the day, enjoying the new city and get back and learn new stuff. Happy weekend, and happy reading.

Hey, The Namesake is good, but I felt her earlier book, Interpreter of Maladies, is better! You seem to have diverse interests!! Take care!

You took the picture in Schnell. Aww..I miss it :-D

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