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Sunday, March 05, 2006 

The return of KMCL

This is a car I sketched a few days ago. As a kid, I always dreamed of cars. This was when I was in the 8th grade. Rather than dreaming of just cars that exist, I dreamed of creating my own. Of how I'd make my cars. Of owning my own company and making beautiful cars.

Along the way, my friends named my so-called company KMCL. Abit stupid, but I liked it. So I went with it. And so was Kumar Motors Corporation Limited born. At least conceptually. It was kinda cool. I used to sketch cars on any piece of paper whenever I was bored. My drawing was more abstract than I make it sound though. I didnt just set out making cars. I would start with just drawing random lines here and there on a piece of paper. Out of it, would come myriad sketches of different things - people, planes and whatever the randomly drawn set of lines could possibly evolve into. More often than anything else, I managed to convert those random lines into cars. :) And I thought that was awesome.

But, I sort of gave up on sketching once I got more busy after 10th grade. After I joined computer science in 11th grade, I stopped dreaming of owning a car company, for good reasons :). Then suddenly a few days agoI was sitting on my study desk with my work for the day done. I was bored at 2 am in the morning, but I didnt want to sleep. I picked a scratch paper and started drawing random lines. And suddenly all this seemed familiar. And an hour later I had the following car sketched. (I used to name cars in those days. This one is still unnamed.) I am glad though that I am back doing something I always enjoyed doing.

Here is the whole cruddy sketch that I drew on that piece of paper where this car that is pictured above was drawn. With the bunch of lines that I drew initially to start me off, I drew the front of what would be a fighter plane of old ages. (very very light sketch, center. You can barely make it out.) Then (bottom, right) I attempted to make the plane bigger and it sucked. Then came the idea of a front grille and lights with a bunch of curves (left center) to start with. This evolved into a more refined sketch of just the grille and the lights (right center). Then I scaled the grille much smaller and tried to sketch my imagination of rest of the car in the remaining space. :)

Its a coupe, but has an uncharacteristically long bonnet. I like the doors however, with the much larger side window. I kinda like it, but there are many flaws. I myself have spotted so many - mostly related to scaling (of certain parts compared to others) and symmetry of design. But I feel its a pretty darn good start after a 6 year break and it makes me happy.

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Hey!!! awesome news!!! Is pooja to be thanked for this... i wonder!!! I was the saddest of them all when u told me u were going to become a teacher and nothin was happenin to kmcl. I did pray and hope tht ur passion for it would return, cos that was the one thing i saw your eyes light up for! keep up the good work KC!!! lookin forward to more sketches!

Hey - this post brought smile to my face. This is how I know you in the beginning. You told me about KMCL and showed me your car sketches on your websie at the time. No more of the sketches after that though...glad that you have got it back.
Btw - you are only good at drawing cars, aren't you?

Hey Smi & Thanh - thanks for the encouragement. Glad I could bring a smile to your faces. :p

@Smi: Yepp! pooja's the devil! And why is becoming a teacher that bad? :p

@Thanh: Haha, I dont know. Maybe I should try sketching other things hah? ;)

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