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Wednesday, April 04, 2007 

Beautiful day to get things accomplished

Today was a beautiful day to get things accomplished. I had to make a lot of calls for a market study we are helping out one company in which one of our venture partners are investors. Early on, the calls were not coming along pretty well. But then stuff started getting together and I got tons of good data.

After that, I dont know why, I decided to make a call to this person who I had been trying to reach badly a few weeks ago and given up. I got through on my first try and got a meeting for today itself. I wont tell you what it was about - but lets just say it was a step forward in the direction of me starting something of my own soon!

That was a great meeting and I celebrated by going to my favorite cookie shop - Ben's Cookies and buying 3 cookies for $6. Its damn expensive, but its worth it! They're so good.

In the morning, after the meeting with this particular person got set up so easily, I was convinced that today was a great day and things were going in my favor. So I made another leap and now have a meeting with a hedge fund manager for lunch on monday! That was also another jackpot!

And thats why I loved today! Things just rolled in my favor. And guess what, the sun is out, the flowers are budding, the birds are chirping, spring is here. Indeed it was a beautiful day.

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