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Tuesday, August 21, 2007 

Upates from work

Well not really from work... I'm at home right now and its 10 pm. I'm now living in Seattle and its almost cold and rainy everyday. It even rained on my first day of real work - this past Monday. I considered it wishes from God above so I do well. Others consider it to be a natural process when clouds formed out of water vapor condense. Oh well, to each unto his own.

First week was local office training and orientation. Finished a few online trainings. Second week was spent toasting in 110 degrees in Scottsdale AZ for national new hire training. While the weather made it harder, all the great people I met from all around definitely made it nicer. I met so many people, I can't even recall everyone's names. Although, I'm getting better. I've invited most if not all the people I spent a few hours or more with and got to know closely on either facebook or the in-company-social-networking site our company has started. I hope to stay in touch with everyone. This is the third week.

I've left UVF, but not really. I'm away only physically. I still feel quite a part of it. I sent over a deal just recentlyto UVF and am in touch with many of the friends from there even now. It feels such a close part of me - the whole UVF experience. Its definitely the icing on the cake of my Utah experience. The awesome people there make it so good for me and then comes the experience, according to me. Very few other places in the world (or even United States) can a bunch of college students get to work with real entrepreneurs and real, big-time VCs and wheel and deal, so to speak. No, really. I've been involved with Jared, the managing director, in negotiating terms with a company we funded and later helping that company negotiate good terms with another company it was partnering with to provide its services and so on. I dont think even an MBA student at a prestigious school gets this kind of experience for a year, unless they're from Wharton, where UVF recruits and has a branch too. So Utah was definitely the right choice for me. At this point, I plan to go to B-school in a few years and know that the UVF experience will definitely help me get into one of the top notch schools. I do hope sometimes that the entrepreneur bug catches me before that. :) (and makes me successful enough to skip the b-school thing in between).

(By the way, Jared introduced me to two people, including the CEO from Unitus a few months back. Unitus is a micro-finance fund that funds MFIs - micro finance institutions who help poor people break the cycle of poverty by funding special projects for them - in India, Argentina and a bunch of other countries. They're based out of Seattle. Check out www.unitus.com. Its pretty neat. I'll get back in touch with them to see if I can volunteer and be of any use. I think I can use my deal analysis and other skills from UVF pretty well at Unitus and do things similar to UVF and be happy. PS - This line is straight from their website - "Unitus fights global poverty by using a venture capital model to increase access to microfinance". How about that? Perfect fit for me.)

One of my goals, for both short term and long term is to be really good at what I do. And no, I dont mean it as loosely as it is usually thrown around. I want to be so good that I can create content regarding that subject. I want to be the authority regarding it. To be able to spot new trends, consequences of current events and such things spot on. I know it still sort of sounds like fluff, but I feel like I have a pretty clear idea of what I want to do.

Another goal for the short term is that within one year I want to be promoted and sent to an international engagement or an international partner firm. I'd love to work with my firm in London, India, Japan, Vietnam or Australia. Suggestions of other countries where I'd like it are welcome too. But off the very top, why I picked these is because each of these is either a place I'm facinated about and have always wanted to go, or is a very rapidly up and coming country and work experience there would be fantabuloustic!

With that, its about time to go to bed, so I can get up tomorrow morning, go for a nice jog, then get ready, have a breakfast and go to work early. I got there earlier than my senior today and that was good. Score 1. He was pleased and so was manager. Things are going well at work and the people I'm working with are some of the funniest people I've met. Work day passes really quickly. I remember a time, three or four years back, when I was interning somewhere, and I'd look at the time and it was like noon. I'd look back at the time after three hours and it'd still be 12:15. Time went slowly. Here, time goes so quickly, that first time I look at the clock after lunch is 4:30 and I usually am surprized so much time has passed. So thats a good thing.

Signing off for tonight. Will be more regular from now on. :) Especially for my friend in Utah who regularly checks my blog and pesters me to update.

Yeah, Kumar. Keep updating it for me! Sounds like things are going really well. - Em

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