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Thursday, January 26, 2006 

Customer Service Done Right, Fifth Third Bank

Its very rare that one comes across good customer service. And even rarer to come across it consistently. And hence I believe it deserves a blog post of its own. Most of my experiences calling customer service numbers of big companies have ranged from being "okay, but nothing great" to "exceptionally horrible". (Here, I feel obligated to mention that I consider Sprint Wireless's customer service to be worse than exceptionally horrible).

However over the past few days I have had the best customer service experience of my life. I am still a 5/3 bank customer. 5/3 bank is primarily a Mid-west bank (probably just Ohio). I have a few accounts with them, including a loan and I havent bothered to move those to a local bank after I moved to Utah (because I just didnt wanna go through the hassle, really). Actually, on a side note, I must mention that once I looked up their bank location locator service on 5/3 website to see if any locations existed in Utah. The search returned with the message "No location found in a 1000 miles". Ha ha! Its too cool!

But, coming back to the main point, I have had some things to take care of and over the last 5 days or so I have had to call in three or four times to their customer service. And every single time I had an amazing experience. Firstly, I was connected to a real live speaking person within a minute of calling. I never had to hold longer. Secondly, the customer service didnt keep redirecting me to diffferent departments - a single person took care of multiple things that belonged to different departments herself. Other companies would have redirected me to the departments (and there would have been a few dropped calls during redirection etc.... who knows). But this was cool. And every single time I interacted with someone, they exactly understood what I wanted and took care of it within minutes. Today, I called in with two or three different things, that were really complicated too (I cant reveal much details, although I wish I could, but I'd rather keep my financial information to myself) - and the whole process was over in less than 10 minutes! I kept looking at my cell phone in disbelief that it was showing the total call time as 8 mins 34 seconds. If it were Dell or Sprint or something, I'd still be holding on the phone, waiting to speak to someone! This is amazing! I think, maybe, I should write to them and appreciate their efforts.

Do you know the names of the reps that helped you? You could mention their names, and it could help their bonus at year end. :-)

Hey, it was your bday that day -- anything more exciting than calling 5/3?

Thats a great idea. I dont recall the reps' names anymore though! That sucks! I will write to 5/3 nevertheless and hope they have records of who I talked to or something.

Maan yeah, how exciting... taking care of mundane crud on my birthday! bah :(!

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