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Saturday, January 21, 2006 

Life is a kaleidoscope

You must have heard the phrase that life is a kaleidoscope many a times. At least I have. And we take it as granted everytime we hear it. Never really thinking deep into what it means really? I have been reading a book and for some reason, this phrase just put me into deep thought like never before. And truly, the deeper you think, the more you realize what a genius the person who coined the phrase would have been.

On the very surface level, you can think about how a kaleidoscope has so many different colors. So many different pieces. These pieces represent the pieces of our life. Our work, our family, our friends and so on. The colors are there for the different roles each play in our life. But on a deeper level, have u ever thought that when we see a pattern, it represents our life at that point in time. Its a unique image. Once you turn the kaleidoscope, things change and you get a new pattern. i.e. For every small change, your life changes and your life is the same no more. Its a new pattern in and of itself.

But have you also ever wondered about the fact that when you turn the kaleidoscope slightly, shards of glass fall into chaos before forming a new pattern. When something in our life changes, we all go through the same chaos for the time being. For that period of time it seems like all hell has broken loose and nothing can change anymore. But its only for so long, before a new pattern emerges and the chaos disappears. Slowly you start to recognize the new beauty in the pattern. Slowly you get adjusted to the new life.

And have you ever wondered that everything that happens - in the kaleidoscope or in life - is in your hands. Even a little thing, like turning the kaleidoscope ever so slightly, can suddenly change everything. How your life proceeds ahead is completely in your hands. Things like treating work seriously, being nice to people are all things in our control. If we let loose on any of these, life can change drastically.

And just when you are about to think I better not do anything wrong with my life or else things will change, hits you the realization that if you keep staring at the same pattern, the kaleidoscope gets boring. In fact a kaleidoscope that couldnt be turned wouldnt be much fun, now would it? Isnt it same with life? We all need a change from time to time. Just when we want to change is in our hands, but the just like the kaleidoscope, we have no control over what will change and what the new pattern will look like! We should always remember though, that life, like kaleidoscope is always beautiful; no matter what pattern is formed. Have you ever realized that you have never disliked a new pattern. At least I haven't. Isnt the same true with life?

Life is like a kaleidoscope. In so many ways.

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