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Thursday, April 05, 2007 

Keeping Up To Date in the Private Equity World

One of the best things about being at the University Venture Fund (UVF) is I actually feel a part of the Venture Capital and Private Equity communities. And I am not just saying it. UVF with its $18M fund and 11 investments is slowly becoming kind of a big deal.

To begin with, we have some great partners we work with. They source deals to us and we do due diligence for them. In the process we learn a lot about VC investing, due diligence and the partners get due diligence done faster, for free and sometimes a young, student perspective on some tough questions. Its a mutual relationship that works out great. Even on companies we might not invest in. I have closely worked with Ft. Washington Partners (an Ohio based fund of funds) and have learned so much from interacting with them and doing due diligence for them.

This exposure to the VC partners is a very important component of the educational mission of UVF. I noticed how much a part of the PE world I have become when I automatically stopped working on my computer when I heard something on the idiot box that was playing at UVF office. My ears had picked up the words "New York Times proposes PE gains be taxed at regular rate instead of the Capital Gains tax rate" on MSNBC The accompanying article is here. For the record, I think the idea is meritless since profits from investing in a company are technically a "capital gain". But I can see why this has come up. To many people, it seems like with the lower tax rate of 15% (as opposed 30+ %) for VC investors, "the rich only get richer". More on this later, in some other post.

Since then, I've wanted to keep myself updated with the PE industry and am so glad somebody recommended me the Private Equity Week Wire. PE Week Wire is written by Daniel Primack at the PEWeek which is owned by Thomson Financial. Their subscription costs money, but the PE Week Wire newsletter is free. Its top notch PE news in your inbox daily. Daniel does a great job of compiling top stories into a discussion format at the top and offers his perspective on some events. Then there are other news in a one or two sentence format.

If you have anything to do with the private equity industry or are just interested in learning more, I highly reccomend signing up for PEWeekWire.

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Orange Country business investment banks use league tables to rank who has the highest dollar volume of deals in debt, equity, syndicated loans and M&A activity. Unfortunately (or fortunately if you are sick of hearing about league tables) there really hasn't been a ranking system to evaluate the private equity industry

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