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Monday, February 20, 2006 

The kneebreaker jump...

Now this is called bad timing. I was just getting better at skiing. And then, a fall I had while last weekend has caused me a fracture in my leg and has wiped out any chances of me skiing this season again. Now I have to walk on crutches... and that is no fun at all. :(

I was skiing at Alta the weekend of 11th February with a bunch of friends. I had already gotten bored of skiing the green and the blue-marked slopes on Sunnyside. So I decided to venture into an area, not frequented much by other skiiers. The snow was deep, and the path was a bit bumpy. Along the way, one of the bumps, sent me into the air for half a second. It completely took me by surprize because I wasn't going fast at all. I have not had to worry about landing back on the ground after a jump yet, so I didnt know how to. And so when I landed, I did it incorrectly.

The soft, deep snow gave way because of the impact, causing me to lose my balance and fall. While falling, I fell on my side and rolled because of the slope on my right, but my skis did not come off of the boots and they got stuck in the snow I think, causing me to twist my leg pretty bad.

I got up, cleaned the powder off of my clothes and felt a bit of pain in my shin. But it felt minor and I could walk properly and so I continued skiing, hoping the pain would go away later. After coming home that night, I took care of my leg by putting it in hot water for half an hour and then applying a muscle ointment. But the pain just kept getting worse over the weekend, until I got some X-rays taken on Monday which revealed a hairline fracture in one of my bones.

I am still astonished that this happened considering my fall wasnt that bad at all. But I guess the twist must have been bad. Luckily I didnt tear my ligament tissue or else I'd be bed ridden. So currently, I am supposed to not put any pressure on this leg for 2 weeks and just walk on crutches. I hope the bone heals and within the next week and recovers by the end of this ski season. I really want to ski again next season at least. Till then, I just gotta wait... Sigh!

Hey....too bad abt the fall...Get well soon!

Hey, Kumar, I feel so BAD for you. Better luck next time!

Hey Nitya and Bi,

Thanks for the wishes. I am getting better. Now I'm walking with just one crutch these days. One more week and I think I can take these off too. I am so lookin forward to it. I really want to go hike, but I dont think it'd be a good idea just yet. But the temptation is so high :(

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